14 The Moon, the Maid, and the Monster


Until now, the story has been about the struggles the church faces both internally, with its spiritual temptations, and externally, as it faces the hostile world. Now the second half concentrates on the time of the end and the final events in this world's history in the context of the periods of history reviewed in the first 11 chapters.

In Revelation 12 the curtain is drawn back to show us why the church so often has a hard time. Like an ancient drama, the main players are introduced and begin to appear on stage. This helps us to see ourselves as part of a greater cosmic struggle between the forces of good and evil. Life can be puzzling at times; things can appear to happen to us without any reason.

However, life's burdens can be easier to bear if we can see there is meaning and purpose. If we are in a right relationship with God, we can expect to have some opposition.

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