13 God's Temple in Heaven


John takes the message from the open scroll and eats it. It is sweet at first but turns bitter in his belly. The gospel brings sweetness but when we share it with others it can lead to bitterness. This bitterness is seen in the experience of the two witnesses put to death. We see here the church following in the footsteps of her Lord. As they treated Jesus, so they will treat His church.

This experience of the church as, it takes the gospel's final call to the inhabitants of the earth, is the focus for the remaining chapters in Revelation. Chapter 11 is like an overture; chapters 12 to 22 elaborate on this experience and the final conflict regarding worship. It is the preaching of the gospel during this time that causes a reaction from anti-Christian forces.

Before we leap into finding out more about the final events on Planet Earth, there is another scene in heaven to explore.

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