The Revelation series seminar is a study program that goes through the book of Revelation chapter by chapter, explaining the concepts and prompting readers to consider concepts and questions. The Student Notes booklets vary in length from 12-18 pages. A Research Guide with thought provoking questions supplements each booklet.

Revelation series has been produced primarily as a group study course of 12 or 24 sessions. We have found in our experience that people learn most effectively doing these as a group. The benefits of group study include:

  • Learning from one another, not only the presenter
  • Creating a warm and friendly environment
  • Building friendships
  • More likely to stay on track - both in terms of time and content
  • Growing and learning with others is fun!

In saying this however, the series has been developed so it can also be completed one-to-one or even as a DIY course. If you are intrested in studying the seminar, you can can register here.

The DVD series follows the same progression of discussion topics and can be used as a supplementary resource to the seminar.