Revelation Series is a new and fresh approach to understanding the wonderful mysteries of the final book of the Bible - Revelation. Most people find the book of Revelation confusing in its use of symbols and imagery. Through this series we demonstrate that Revelation is in fact about hope, meaning and purpose for a world headed for despair. The series includes 24 sessions. Chapter by chapter through the book of Revelation, your journey of discovery will enlighten and enthuse you.

If time is a problem, the 12 part series is a simpler, more concise version of the 24. It is for busy people and works well with the 24 part series on DVD which provides plenty of valuable extra information. 

This website can be used in a variety of ways.

  1. If you have stumbled across this website and are interested in understanding the book of Revelation, our DIY section is a good place to start.
  2. If you are currently a participant in a Revelation Series study, this website has great supplementary material including video clips and FAQs.
  3. If you are a Minister, Presenter or Trainer for the Revelation Series, you can login here or at the top right of the page to have access to your training resources.

This Revelation series has been developed to expand your understanding and interest in this amazing book of the Bible.