The 24 episode Revelation DVD series is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the book of Revelation. Both hosts and authors of the study series, Jon Paulien and Graeme Bradford, take you on a journey of discovery in an informative but light hearted environment. 26 experts from around the world join our hosts in presenting these comprehensive topics.

The DVDs follow a logical sequence of discussions through the book of Revelation. With a mixture of on-location and studio production, the DVD is an ideal starting place to get an understanding and overview of this fascinating book.

The Revelation seminar follows the same sequence as the DVDs. They give a more in-depth study into the topics and encourage participants to explore verses and excerpts for themselves.

The DVD set consists of 12 DVDs, with each DVD featuring 2 episodes. Small clips of each session can be viewed on the session overviews.
Each part is approximately 1 hour in length.

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This DVD series was screened on Hope Channel in January 2010.


Revelation DVDs