DIY Course

Understanding the book of Revelation is key to having a greater understanding of God and His intention for this world and our lives. This website gives you access to good foundational material to start your journey.

To do-it-yourself, the best place to start is an overview about the Book of Revelation. From there, you can read each session overview and  download the additional resources.

The Student Booklet Kit consists of 24 full-colour booklets with an extra Sanctuary notes booklet and seminar pen, all in a seminar satchel and is available for order.

The DVD set is also another excellent resource that can be viewed privately. You can order this from this website.

For a deeper, more comprehensive study, we recommend you register your interest to do a course with an instructor, either individually or as a group.

For your interest, we have also sourced other materials and courses that may be of interest to you below.


Revelation booklets and dvds


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