21 The Fall of Babylon and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb


Revelation 11:18 outlines the second half of the book in these stages:
"The nations were angry" describes the enforcement of worship by the combination of religious and secular powers uniting together in Revelation 13. Revelation 17 gives us more details on how this unity comes about. Religious powers-symbolised by a woman called Babylon-will get the support of secular power-symbolised by the waters of the river Euphrates, the seven heads or kings, or the 10 horns.

"The wrath of God" is God's response to the anger of the nations at the end of earth's history. Seven plagues are poured out. The result of God's wrath is the fall of Babylon, described in detail in Revelation 18. John probes the fall of Babylon three times, each time giving us different perspectives and symbolism.

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