Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we will publish general common questions people have regarding the book of Revelation and the series. Specific questions regarding each session may also be published in the session overviews section. If you would like to submit a question, click here.

Can we be sure who wrote the book of Revelation?
If the scholars can't agree among themselves what hope is there for me?

Can we be sure who wrote the book of Revelation?

The only statement we have from the writer is that his name is John (1:1,4,9; 22:8). He also says he is writing to Christians in the Roman province of Asia (1:4,11) and seems to write as if he is well known by them when he describes himself as "your brother and companion in suffering.." (1:9). Early Christian writers such as Justin Martyr, Tertullian and Clement of Alexandria took the position that the writer of Revelation was the writer of the Gospel of John and the three epistles under the name of John.

In recent times some scholars have questioned if this is the case by pointing out the differences in style between the gospel of John and Revelation. They point out that the gospel of John has simple but correct Greek language and grammar; while Revelation does not seem to be well versed in the Greek language. Others respond by pointing out that if it was the same John each time it is possible he had some help with the writing of the gospel by way of secretarial assistance. (Other New Testament writers made use of such help. For example Paul Romans 16:22 and Peter 1 Peter 5:12). They claim it would make sense to suggest that when writing the gospel John was able to receive help; however on Patmos there was no such help available.

Those who believe the John of Revelation is the same person who wrote the gospel of John point out the similarities of expressions between the two books: For example Word of God John 1:1-4 and Revelation 19:3.

Like many other issues in life we have to weigh the evidence and the evidence seems to point more this direction than any other. That is the same writer who wrote the gospel also wrote the book of Revelation. If this is the case then it would explain why the gospel of John is the only one of the four gospels not to include the sermon Jesus gave on the end of the world from the Mount of Olives. He would have considered dealing with the main ideas in a more developed way in the book of Revelation.

There are so many different ideas regarding what Revelation teaches.
I am not a scholar and it's very confusing to me to see the different ways people read this book.
If the scholars can't agree among themselves what hope is there for me?

Yes it is true there are differences of understanding among the scholars about the meaning of this book; however we must not forget the name of the book is linked with a Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Revelation is a book from Jesus revealing Himself to His people in a way He considers important. There is enough about Jesus clearly revealed so that all can understand without having to be a scholar to make this a rewarding book to study. All through the centuries this book has inspired millions to be faithful to Jesus even when things around them seem to be crashing down. For example even though some ideas people have on the details of some prophecies may vary yet all can see at the end of this book we have a new heaven and a new earth where those who trust in Jesus will live for eternity.

It is important that we look to the rest of the Bible (particularly the Old Testament) to help us understand Revelation. We hope you will follow this series through; and if you will you will see how clearly revealed are the things that really matter. Your love for Him will increase and your desire to serve Him faithfully will be strengthened.